Let our team of experienced software engineers set up a solution tailored to your business and clients. Increase your productivity, expand what you are currently capable of, improve client relations, and sell more with Gravity Software. Connect all your data with a QuickBooks integrated solution and keep track of customers' needs: Method.


Consult with a team that has more insight transforming firms and experience than any other available. Woodard Consulting Group will connect with your team and produce a custom software solution that fits your needs and impresses your clients.

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Method is a CRM that integrates with QuickBooks. It allows for customer portals, forms and payments that can be embedded in your company website. It can also be used to organize, follow customer's needs and conversations, assign follow-ups, and efficiently track day-to-day tasks.

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Gravity Software is a cloud-base solution for business management designed using the Microsoft 365 platform. Gravity is a good solution for SMBs with a need for scaling. Gravity allows for multiple points of data to consolidate into reports allowing for easy management of business data.

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