Introducing the mid-market minded coalition (M3 Coalition)


About Woodard's M3 coalition

QuickBooks, especially QuickBooks Enterprise, is a powerful solution that you can stretch effectively to meet the needs of businesses as they scale from "mom and pop" to 5-10 million dollars or more in annual sales.

However, at some point businesses outgrow QuickBooks, and you simply cannot stretch the solution anymore. When that time comes your options are:

1) Integrate QuickBooks with a robust, scalable solution or...

2) Migrate to a mid-market/ERP solution

Either need to keep the client relationship. 

Either way...Woodard Consulting Group is here to help.

Woodard's M3 Coalition empowers you to continue your relationship with the client, including bookkeeping and tax work if applicable, while stretching QuickBooks or while guiding the client in the adoption of new technologies. 

Why join the M3 Coalition?

Membership is $35/month (waived through 05/31/2021) for any business advisor and includes the following benefits: 

  • Level 1 Membership Benefits
    • Online Training on a Wide Range of Mid-Market Consulting Topics and Software Solutions
    • A Private Online Community Exclusive to M3 Coalition Members
  • Level 2 Membership Benefits
    • Waived Membership Fee
    • Referral Commissions on Selected Software Solutions
    • Implementation Support with Shared Consulting Revenues
    • Private social in Joe Woodard's suite at the annual Scaling New Heights conference

supported software solutions

Software Solutions supported by the M3 Coalition include...

  • Scalable SMB Accounting Platforms
    • QB Enterprise
    • QBO Advanced
  • QB Inventory Add-Ons
    • LOCATE Inventory
    • Fishbowl Inventory
  • ERP Solutions
    • Gravity Software*
    • Sage 300
  • CRM Solutions
    • HubSpot
    • MethodCRM
    • DynamicsCRM
expand your consulting services...and earn commissions

For Coalition members, Woodard Consulting Group is avaialble to you as a resource in implementing mid-market solutions for your clients. We come alongside you as you work with your clients, as requested, to assist with you technology implementation, training, and ongoing client technical support. You earn consulting revenues for your role in the implementation and software commissions from Woodard Consulting Group on selected solutions listed above.

membership levels

  • Level 1: Everyone who joins the Coalition for free enters at this level. Enjoy!
  • Level 2: Earn Level 2 membership status by doing one of the following...
    • Referring a business to Woodard Consulting Group that conducts at least one paid engagement or purchases at least one software product
    • Collaborating with Woodard Consulting Group on at least one client implementation

*Note: To maintain membership status at Level 2, the member must meet one of the qualifications stated above every 12 months. 

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